Quant Network, the project that solved the universal blockchain interoperability issue has witnessed a 29.4% price surge in the last 7 days. The project CEO Gilbert Verdian stopped by Reddit to update the community about the exchange strategy for the rest of 2020.

In the Reddit post, Quant leader Gilbert Verdian shared that the team is in discussion with regulated and reputed Tier 1 exchanges for listing. According to him, this is very crucial for projects growth. That’s because regulation is now playing a major role in crypto adoption globally. He strongly believes that market maturity is not far. He adds we might soon see traditional regulated exchanges listing digital assets alongside traditional securities.  

Quant- Exchange strategy for 2020

The project is aggressively exploring exchange for a listing. Apart from the discussions with the Tier 1 exchanges, many other exchanges are being explored while Quant is already listed on some.

Three Tier 1 or 2 exchanges:

  • QNT: Listed on Coinmetro, Bittrex, and Bithumb and IDEX.

Other exchanges

  • QNT: listed on StealthEx.io, CreekEX.com, Kyber, UniswapDEX

  • Discussions for Probit, Daybit

Moreover, the project is also looking for new DEX opportunities.

User wallets and FIAT on-ramp

Community Ideas and suggestions matter

On the same Reddit post, Verdian mentions that the Quant Network team is open to suggestions and ideas from the community. Here is what some of Reddit users have to say:
  • User Mario30799 believes the project must focus only on Tier 1 exchanges for now. This could help the project grab more enterprise attention.

  • User ThropicThunder believes the project must focus on getting listed on Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, and Binance.

  • User Irish_investor sounded a little critical about the choices the project is making for exchange listing. According to him DEX’s like Idex and Kyber is all Quant needs. Apart from that, it should focus only on regulated Tier 1 exchanges.

The Reddit post has really opened the house for Quant supporters to put across their suggestions. According to another user, Quant must make spread awareness about its integration with Defi. Especially projects like Kyber and UniSwap.

With all the potential Quant holds, we might soon see it on some of the top-notch exchanges. We find the project to be quite an interesting project and that is why we conducted an in-depth review of the entire ecosystem.

Interested in Quant? Do check out our exhaustive review on the Altcoin Buzz YouTube Channel. 

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